DNG Series a

Developed for Thin-film Process Manufacturing (Plasma Displays, Solar Panels, etc.)

plasmaDNG - Switch-mode Power Supply 12kW

High performance in a small space: the DNG power supply series combines compact dimensions of 395 x 400 x 67 mm with a power of either 10kW or 12kW. In addition, the devices can be operated in parallel. Two additional 15VDC auxiliary voltages can supply additional loads such as fans or relay controls. Due to the U/I characteristic curve without reverse current, it is also possible to operate the devices as chargers. Custom modifications are possible, e.g. sense line, power fail signal, remote ON/OFF or an over temperature circuit with alarm are available.

Key Features:

• Input 3-phase, 180 ~ 220VAC or 360 ~ 440VAC or 380 ~ 528VAC @ 47 ~ 63Hz

• Output voltage: 2.5 ~ 50VDC; controllable via external signal from 0 ~ 10V linear

• Max. Output current: 240ADC; linearly adjustable from 0 ~ 240A via an external control

• Control speed for load jumps: between 10% ~ 90% only 1.5ms

• Efficiency:> 90% typ.• 2 additional auxiliary voltages: 15VDC, 20A + 2A

• Short circuit resistance according to U/I characteristic, electrical insulation: 3.000VAC

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