WNG II open

Developed for modern Pitch Control Systems in Windturbines

WNG - Switch-mode Power Supply for High Peak-load applications 5kW/10kW

The latest RSG proprietary development consists in the basic construction of a bridge rectifier together with a push-pull through-flow converter. The DC current required for the DC intermediate circuit of the pitch control is obtained from the conversion of the line-side three-phase current. The power supply operates as a constant current source with voltage limitation and also serves to supply an inverter and a DC link unit. The power supplies of the WNG series have been developed according to the specification "high-duty operation" especially for use in wind turbines and therefore meet the highest requirements.

The input and the DC output are galvanically isolated. In continuous operation, the WNG is designed for a constant power of up to 5kW and can provide 10kW peak power for 10 seconds. When the maximum current is reached, the power drops according to a time and characteristic controlled by the processor. When a defined upper temperature limit is reached, the power supply switches off automatically and thus protects itself against destruction. The safety system recognizes the situation and puts the wind energy plant in the safe state by adjusting the rotor blades. After cooling, both the power supply and the entire system automatically returns to normal operation. The temperature-controlled shut-off concept is triple-redundant. The heat is dissipated via the integrated heat sink with temperature-controlled fan. Each hub of a wind turbine uses three pitch control systems, each with one RSG WNG power supply unit.

Key Features:

• Input: 3-phase 360-440VAC, Imax <150A peak (@ 400VAC)

• Output: 90VDC, 55A (100A for 10s), Inom = 3x 20A

• Isolation voltage I/O: 3kVAC

• Input filter: acc. EN55022 Level A

• Continuous short circuit protection

• Maintenance-free


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