RS2 NDA2433 RD1 NDA2428 RT9 NDA2427 RRA NDA2445 RV7 NDA2444 RSVR 78M NDA2440







SIP4 - SIP8 DIP8 - DIP14 DIP8 - DIP16 SMD DIP24 1"x1" - 2"x1" SIP3/DIP10 SMD
0,25 - 9 Watt 0,25 - 2 Watt 0,25 - 3 Watt 1,5 - 15 Watt 15 - 60 Watt 0,5 - 2 Amp (PoL)

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(The following table shows an overview of our most prevalent/popular DC/DC converter models. The individual data sheet can be downloaded by clicking the part number. Should you need a specific model not listed here, e.g. an older version or with special technical requirements, please contact us directly - we can provide older models and special types, too: phone +49 69-984047-0 or email sales@rsg-electronic.de)

Package: SMD - DIL8, DIL10, DIL12, DIL14, DIL16

Power: 0,25 ~ 3W

Output: Single, Dual 

Load Regulation: regulated, unregulated

Input range: ±10%, 2:1, 4:1

Operating Temperature Range: -50 ~ +125°C (Automotive)

I/O Isolation: 1500 ~ 4200VDC 

  R-Series Model
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Power Package Pin Type
(s. table

Regulated Input Voltages Output Voltages Output-Type Isolation Voltage
RT1 RT1-xxyyS02D1[3]v2 0.25Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 3.3/5/12/24 3.3/5/9/12/15 Single 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT1-xxyyS10D1[3]v2 1Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 3.3/5/12/15/24 3.3/5/9/12/15/24 Single 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT1-xxyyS10D1[3][F]v3 1Watt DIL8 SMD (5 or 8p) B No 5 3.3/5/9/12/15/24 Single 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT1-xxyyS10D3Tv2 1Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 5 5 (automotive IATF16949) Single 3.5kVDC
RT1-xxyyS20D1[3]v2 2Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 5/12/15/24 3.3/5/9/12/15/24 Single 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT2 RT2-xxyyS10A4 1Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 3.3/5 3.3/5 Single 4.2kVDC
RT2-xxyyS20A4 2Watt DIL8 SMD (5p) B No 3.3/5 3.3/5 Single 4.2kVDC
RT3 RT3-xxyyRS10D1[3]v2 1Watt DIL10 SMD (6p) A Yes 5/12/24 3.3/5/12/15 Single 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT4 RT4-xxyyD10D1[3]v2 1Watt DIL10 SMD (6p) B No 3.3/5/12/15/24 ±5/9/12/15/24 Dual 1.5kVDC [3.0kVDC]
RT5 RT5-xxyyD10A4 1Watt DIL10 SMD (6p) B No 3.3/5 ±3.3/5 Dual 4.2kVDC
RT5-xxyyD20A4 2Watt DIL10 SMD (6p) B No 3.3/5 ±3.3/5 Dual 4.2kVDC
RT6 RT6-xxyyRS30D1Wv3 3Watt DIL14 SMD (7p) A Yes 9-36/18-75 5/12/15/24 Single 1.5kVDC
  RT7 RT7-xxyyS10D3v3 1Watt DIL12 SMD (10p)   No 5 3.3/5/9/12/15/24 Single 3.0kVDC
RT7-xxyyD10D3v3 1Watt DIL12 SMD (10p)   No 5 ±3.3/5/9/12/15/24 Dual 3.0kVDC
RT9 RT9-xxyyRS30D1v2 3Watt DIL16 SMD (6p) A Yes 9-18/18-36/36-75 5/12/15 Single 1.5kVDC
RT9-xxyyRD30D1 (NRND!) 3Watt DIL16 SMD (6p) A Yes 4.5-9/9-18/18-36/36-72 ±5/12/15 Dual 1.5kVDC