PSDR – Developed for railway applications

380W DC/DC switch-mode converter with 5 output voltages

The PSDR is a 380W switch-mode converter for use in trams. Five different, in parts galvanically isolated, outputs supply power for several systems of the on-board electronics and the control-unit of the main converter. A particular challenge in this project was downward compatibility with an existing system so that this device could be used as a spare part. Several input and output signals for control and error detection are implemented and have to correspond exactly to the previous version.
The device meets the relevant standards for use in the railway sector, including EMC, vibration and fire protection.

Key Features:

  • Input: 24-110VDC
  • Outputs:
    +5VDC, +10ADC max.
    ±15VDC, ±3ADC max.
    ±24VDC, ±5ADC max.
  • Max. output power: 380W
  • Isolation voltage I/O: 2250VDC
  • Remote sense regulation at 5V output