Blueline – Developed for marine communication

Compact 19" plug-in power supply on 2 or 3 U with shallow installation depth

The Blueline is used in integrated marine and submarine communication systems as the power supply module. The installation depth is only 50 cm with 2 or 3 U, depending on output power and application.
Both output current and output voltage are fully adjustable and the devices can be operated in parallel. The stepless start-up meets the highest requirements for modern energy management. There is a choice of liquid or fan cooling.
Customer-specific modifications are possible.

Key Features:

  • 19" Rack, 2 or 3 U
  • 3-ph/1-ph AC/DC switch-mode power supply (on ship) or wide-input DC/DC converter (on submarine)
  • 5kW (AC/DC) or 3kW (DC/DC) output power, higher power (up to 17kW) available
  • Current and voltage is fully adjustable
  • Water cooling (AC/DC) or forced air cooling (DC/DC)