IMEDe580 – Developed for Medical Applications

Medical Isolating Transformer and Switch-Mode Power Supply in one 19" / 1U Housing

Developed for Medical Applications: the IMEDe580 was developed by our sister company Noratel specifically for operating room environments. It is a fully medical approved Switch-Mode Power Supply in a 19" chassis, only 1RU high, with a total output power of 580W or VA. Critical in every operating room and other clinical facilities is the galvanic isolation, which the IMEDe580 provides via a special designed, ultra flat isolating transformer. The secondary side features a 230VAC/50Hz output (e.g. standard C14 sockets) as well as two load regulated groups of DC outputs (e.g. 5VDC and 12VDC) with a total of 18 connectors.

This enables the user to power AC end devices (such as TFT displays, respirators, patient monitoring instruments) and low voltage DC equipment (PC notebooks, IP cameras, headsets - e.g. needed for Video Surgery) simultaneously with just one 19" unit, making a bunch of external AC/DC adapters (which produce lots of EMI radiation!) redundant.

The power supply can be modified to customer's demand.

Key Features:

  • Input Voltage: 1-phase 230VAC, 50Hz
  • Output Voltages:
    AC: 230V, 350VA max.
    DC1: 5V, 50W max. (= 10A shared by all connections)
    DC2: 12V, 120W max. (= 10A shared by all connections)
  • Isolation:
    In/Out: 4kVAC
    Out-AC/Out-DC: 1kVAC
    Out-DC1/Out-DC2: 500VAC
  • Rack-mount (19" / 1U)
  • EN60601-1 approval