Adapter Tech

Adapter Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in October 2001 and has become a promising and growing enterprise in the contemporary Power Supply manufacturing industry. We are dedicated to providing reliable quality, flexible service and upgrading technology to meet customer’s requirements. We specialize in AC/DC Adapter, Open-Frame Power Supply, LED Driver and Charger with the highest quality. Standard, modified and custom-designed products are available.

As one example of their technological leadership may serve the development of GaN-FET driven desktop power supplies from 90 to 300 Watt, that provide significantly increased power density and hence, smaller cases!

AC/DC external adapters

  • ITE/Industrial and Medical
  • Wall-plug (5 ~ 60W)
  • Desk-top (15 ~ 300W)

AC/DC internal open-frames

  • ITE/Industrial and Medical
  • Board-only (12 ~ 512W)
  • U-frame (60 ~ 612W)