New GaN-FET power supplies enable ground-breaking size and weight reduction


Up to 2.5x smaller housings and over a third less weight thanks to GaN-FET technology!

The brand new desktop adapters from Adaptertech with gallium nitride (GaN) FETs are far superior to the conventional predecessor devices using MOS-FETs: significantly higher power density and so more compact dimensions and lower weight with the same performance. In time for the world's largest medical technology trade fair MEDICA/COMPAMED, Adaptertech presented its new series of desktop power supplies in GaN-FET technology.

Six models from 90W to 300W are planned - the 160W and the 200W device are already fully certified and in mass production, the other four (90W, 120W, 250W and 300W) are to follow successively by March 2020.

The most obvious advantages of the new GaN-FET technology are the 2 to 2.5 times higher power density and a slightly lower power loss compared to the previous MOS-FET power supplies.

Here is a comparison of the bare numbers using the example of the 200W and 300W models:

200W GaN FET

300W GaN FET

Dimensions (Power Density)
161x54x33 mm (12,5 W/cui)
183x81x42 mm (5,3 W/cui)

183x85x35 mm (9,0 W/cui)
254x116x47 mm (3,6 W/cui)

560 g
850 g

1000 g
1600 g

90~95% typ.
88~94% typ.

90~95% typ.
87~94% typ.

Furthermore, the three top models of this new GaN series are designed for dual approval (EN62368-1 and EN60601-1), so that a purchasing decision for either the ITE or the medical model is needless.

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