WNG – Developed for modern Pitch Control Systems in wind turbines

Switch-mode Power Supply for High Peak-load applications 5kW/10kW

The basic construction of this switch-mode power supply consists of a bridge rectifier and a push-pull converter. It works as a constant current source with voltage limitation and supplies an inverter and a buffer capacitor. It works as a constant current source, and is designed for a permanent output of up to 5kW. It can produce 10kW peak output power for 10 seconds. When the maximum current is reached, the output power is limited in accordance with a characteristic curve controlled by the processor.

Due to the installation environment in the hub of wind turbines, it was designed, tested and certified for high mechanical demands.

Each pitch control system in a wind turbine contains three power supplies as the WNG.

Key Features:

  • Input: 3-phase 360-440VAC, Imax <150A peak (@ 400VAC)
  • Output: 90VDC, 55A (100A for 10s), Inom = 3x 20A
  • Isolation voltage I/O: 3kVAC
  • Input filter: acc. EN55022 Level A
  • Continuous short circuit protection
  • Maintenance-free